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Dicono di noi - Special Mention

    • Pino Stillitano

      Geometra at Scuola di acustica dell'Università di Ferrara ingegneria Acustica

      January 12, 2018, Pino was a client of Roberto Landini’s

        Roberto ha curato l'ufficio stampa della mia azienda per parecchi anni, e' un vero professionista del settore, molto valido e preparato nell'ambito della comunicazione e nell'ambito musicale, radiofonico e televisivo. Ha sempre soddisfatto ampiamente le mie richieste e scritto articoli molto dettagliati ed esa... See more
    • David Davies

      Freelance Journalist, Editor & Consultant; regular contribs to IBC 365, Installation, PSN Europe, SVG Europe, etc.

      December 21, 2017, David worked with RobertoLandini in different groups

          Roberto has been a regular contributor to SVG Europe for many years, covering trends and technologies shaping the sports production industry in Italy. Without fail he has delivered brilliant copy, to time and expectation, and always rich in technical detail and insightful comments from key industry stakehold... See more
    • Roger Thornton

      Chairman - Exhibition Committee at IBC - International Broadcasting Convention

      August 17, 2009, Roger was a client of RobertoLandini’s

          If you are looking for a knowledgeable, well-connected and very capable PR professional in Italy, look no further than Roberto. He's the business - and his English is good too. He's a darned nice fellow as well.

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